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Hunter Stevens never had it easy. Spending his early years in a troubled home, he was lucky to be adopted by the McConnell family in grade school. He and his adoptive brother, Chris, became closer than brothers and together led their high school football team to the California State Championship, losing when Hunter froze on the final play.

When Hunter enlists in the United States Marine Corps after graduation, Chris chooses to follow him, turning down a scholarship to play D1 football at San Diego State. In bootcamp and then Afghanistan, Hunter struggles with trauma from his past. When they return home six months later, Hunter feels disappointment about the minimal action they saw overseas. His wife Ashley, his high school sweetheart, wants to start a family, but Hunter is hesitant, given his desire to serve 20 years in the Corps, and the recent loss of a fellow marine who was a new father.

Hunter and Chris realize their second deployment will be different when it begins with a firefight. When tragedy strikes shortly thereafter, Hunter returns home and begins to unravel.

This film will be creatively inspired by films such as The Hurt Locker (in-country scenes), Brothers (PTSD), American Sniper (building the family), and Jarhead (lack of action in combat). All the identified films have some truth to them when it comes to starting a family while doing your duty in-country and the constant anxiety when you face the potential of combat, the boredom and disappointment when not facing combat, and the slow downfall into madness once you have returned home with a war still raging inside. The cinematography and shooting style at home will be different than the shooting style in-country, portraying the stark differences in the two different worlds. We will generally use more static camera positions at home and more handheld abroad. As we cast this movie, we are looking at Star Wars villain Adam Driver, who served four years of active duty in the Marine Corps, and Anna Kendrick, who can handle the military/law enforcement spouse due to her role in End of Watch. Among our lead roles, Hunter Stevens or Chris McConnell will serve us right due to the complexity of the characters. For the rest of the cast, I would like a home-grown list of up and coming actors. You never want to compromise an independent story driven film like this with a high volume of celebrities.

We are doing this film because, as veterans, we feel the responsibility to tell a story about a world that average civilians don’t see. That world is inhabited by veterans who have suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many of them watch their personal lives fall apart, families destroyed. Homelessness on the streets, many are forgotten by the very government they swore to defend. Eventually most of these veterans end up seeking the quick way out, suicide. Our responsibilities as film producers is to maintain a balance between remaining honest to the military community while at the same time, creating an entertaining and enlightening film about our brothers and sisters in uniform. Hollywood has created some memorable war films, but sometimes what is lost in the process of filmmaking, is integrity to military protocol, customs and courtesies and honesty in terms of true events. Producers often sacrifice integrity for entertainment, and thus, while the movie is a hit with audiences, it is rejected by the military community. Our job is to tell this story right while keeping our audience engaged.

Creative Team

Paul Taylor


Steven is the owner and CEO of Orenda Entertainment, a company that develops and produces cutting edge feature films. Prior to running a production company, Steven served in the US Air Force as a reserve Security Policeman, and while stationed with the 710 SFS out of Buckley Air Force Base, CO, he was deployed to Saudi Arabia under Operation Inherent Resolve, where he spent 6 months and received the Global War on Terror Expeditionary Medal as well as the Air Force Expeditionary Service Ribbon. Steven re-enlisted in 2016 for six more years and while stationed with the 926 SFS at Nellis AFB, NV, Steven will be deployed to the United Arab Emirates.

Outside of the military, Steven has earned his Associates in Film Production and Bachelor’s in Entertainment Business from the Los Angeles Film School, graduating Summa Cum Laude from the latter. Steven is currently pursuing his MBA in business leadership at Liberty University. Steven has produced many short films ranging from 5 minutes to 35 minutes under his production company and is currently developing multiple feature film scripts as well as a television pilot. Steven lost a close friend of his from his Denver unit to suicide, as well as two airman who he had attended Technical training within San Antonio.



Rylan is a filmmaker and storyteller, with a passion for socially conscious stories that empower and entertain. Rylan is an active member of the Motion Picture Editor’s Guild IATSE Local 700. Union work credits include IFC, TBS, TruTV, Comedy Central, and a Netflix Original Film as well as a number of non-union shows for Adult Swim, Super Deluxe, Go90, and the History Channel.

Rylan graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a BFA in Film & Television. Rylan has produced a handful of independent short films as well as a 5-episode web series and has been nominated for an LA Area Emmy as a producer for local programming.

“Bradley Allen”


“Bradley Allen” Melson is a writer and actor from California. He grew up in the suburban town of Simi Valley. During his childhood, he began to fall into the wrong crowd and started down the path of a troubled youth. With help from his loved ones, he turned everything around and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 2009 at the young age of 19. Upon graduation from boot camp, he attended School of Infantry and achieved the Military Occupational Specialty (M.O.S) 0352 Infantry Anti-Tank Missileman. He then received orders to 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion out of Camp Pendleton, California. He completed two combat tours to Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom, and received multiple medals and decorations including the Combat Action Ribbon and Naval Unit Commendation.

During and after his time in the service, he lost a handful of good friends due to both combat and suicide. These personal experiences are what inspired him to write the screenplay, 22.

Once he left the military behind, he began work with Universal Studios Hollywood. This ignited his passion for performing and character acting. This has led him today, to a path in the entertainment industry, acting in shows for networks such as Investigation Discovery and NBC.



Lee Roth began producing entertainment content in 1995 when he opened one of the very first web design studios. With an initial focus on computer game and television studios, Lee also offered photography services to his entertainment clients. Early in 1997 he won the WebDweeb web design contest for HBO’s U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, launching his career in Hollywood. As an online producer, Lee participated in several combined broadcast/internet firsts including VIBe (The CW Network – 1997), the first late night talk show to go live online, and Sinbad’s Soul Music Festival Part IV from Aruba (HBO – 1998). In 2001, Lee’s cameras took him on-set to shoot production stills for independent film and television, as well as to the press line at Hollywood’s most prestigious events including the Academy Awards® and Primetime Emmy Awards. As of 2015, Lee has worked directly with European film financiers advising them on feature film and television project submissions. Since that time, Lee has read hundreds of scripts and currently works with Moving Pictures Media Group as a Development Executive.



Ray Ellingsen began his film career in 1987 as a writer. He has since gone on to pursue numerous aspects of filmmaking, from directing and producing, to supervising post production of feature films, documentaries, and commercials. In 1999, Ellingsen helped form the motion picture entertainment company, Ugly Old Bird Productions, which produced multiple film and video projects during its five years of doing business.

Ellingsen moved to Arizona in 2005 to manage the largest motion picture film studio in the state of Arizona, Hollywood-Phoenix Film Studios. Within a year, Ellingsen brought in three feature films, numerous commercials, as well as a television series for the studio to produce. Ellingsen left the studio and moved back to Los Angeles to further his filmmaking career.

To date, Ellingsen has written and directed two documentaries and a feature film, along with a multitude of commercial, instructional and industrial projects. He has also produced nine feature films and over 30 video and commercial projects, with two feature films currently in development.



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